Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Gig review : Butcher the Bar and Death cab for Cutie ♥/♥♥♥

Funny story this warm-up band. The music sounded familiar but I didn't think I knew them at all. We listened to the singer voice for almost 20 minutes when I started laughing, recognizing one of the songs and remembering I actually have the cd at home. I got it at the very beginning of Spritz when I used to ask labels to send me some demos from nice bands. From this label, I got Electric President and the band that was playing that night : Butcher the Bar.

The front man was cool but a bit too happy about Death Cab for Cutie. He was promoting them more than his own band. The drummer was funny, a bit too enthusiastic on his drums for that kind of music but at least he put a smile on my face and reminded me of a big Swede I almost lived with.
Butcher the Bar – Bike

As for Death Cab, well the energy was there but we were a bit disappointed. A 2 and a half hours trip, an expensive ticket and the dude barely interacted with his audience. First I didn't recognize Ben Gibbard but I have to say the Zoe Deschanel effect did good to him, even if the two are now splitting.  I was actually more excited to see Chris Walla whose work I followed since the beginning of Spritz too.

But back to the music, the magic didn't work. This music that is reminding me of my first 6 months in London didn't move me that much that night. When he played the first chords of Death Cab for Cutie – What Sarah Said, 
my friend and I had a look at each other with a big smile. But no it didn't happen. This song usually gives me gooseflesh and sometimes even makes me cry. But this time no.
Gibbard played all alone for Death Cab for Cutie – I Will Follow You into the Dark and I was almost hoping that they would do more acoustic songs, especially for the sad depressing ones.

If I was not 100% satisfied, I, however got super happy when they played this song :

because this is the very first song I heard from them.

But I guess we can say that at least we saw DCFC live.

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

In the morning #30

This morning I feel like going back in the 70's. Jonathan Wilson, who worked with Elvis Costello or Vetiver, is offering us a relaxing album with a soft rhythm and long songs that give you the impression you can finally breathe.

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

In the morning #29

This morning, I wanted to share :

- the Kings Of Leon's cover by the Dø =

and this band I just discovered :
Lanterns on the Lake, with this tune : "Not going back to the Harbour", that actually last just a tiny bit more than 1 minute on their cd.