Friday, 30 October 2009

Nick Hornby brings colours to Lynn Barber's memoir

When I read that my favorite author would script for a movie again I just could not resist. Hornsby already worked on screenplays but this time it is not his work he is adapting for cinema. It is the memoir of Lynn Barber, she got published by Penguin last June. I have to say that I am pretty curious about this movie which is telling the story of this teenager who refuses to follow the boring path of an education through college in Oxford and that will follow this older man to go to Paris for instance. This teenager who then became this pre-eminent newspaper interviewer in Britain and who was known for her reputation as La Grande Dame Sans Merci (The Great Lady with No Mercy). For her story and Hornsby's script, I will rush to the movies and see how good/bad it really is. Carey Mulligan seems to be quite brilliant and the soundtrack brings us back to some good jazz classics, including some french songs like one of Josephine Baker's.

You can watch the trailer of the movie here

Thursday, 29 October 2009


If you have liked the last animated plasticine movie by Adam Elliot, you will probably like the story of Harvie Krumpet, (watch here!). And see that this work released in 2003 will remind you some of Mary and Max's features. You will find a tribute to his 2 parrots Sunny and Cher in this story as well, but if they were dogs in Mary and Max, they are cats in Harvie Krumpet. It seems that Elliot likes creating stories about people that suffer from some syndrom, whether it is Asperger for Max or Tourette for Harvie. And leave them with no friends. But despite their misfortune, his characters always find love.

But what makes this little story special is the FAKTS. You will notice that, just like Max, Harvie is carrying a small notebook around his neck. This notebook actually contains all the FAKTS that are punctuating this short story and that actually brings a funny touch to this social drama. I remember 3 that really caught my attention :

FAKT 372 : The trouble with nude dancing is that not everything stops when the music does
FAKT 914 : Alcohol can cause drunkeness and nudity
FAKT 1034 : Life is like a cigarette, smoke it to the butt.

Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Sweet memories from MRI

After 3 years since 5:55 and a terrible water-skiing accident, Charlotte Gainsbourg is coming back with a new album : IRM. It is not yet released but all media are already talking about it. What makes such noise is that this album is the product of a collaboration with Beck. Charlotte Gainsbourg was already working with great names in music for her previous album : Air but also Jarvis Cocker (Pulp) and Neil Hannon (Divine Comedy). For the production she worked with Radiohead's producer Nigel Godrich, who happens to be Beck's producer. This is how the two met. Nothing more. One could have wondered as Beck and Charlotte are two very reserved persons.

Gainsbourg is offering one single of her new album. You can download it for free on You just have to give an address email in exchange. At least, this time you get something more than just porn spam. So do. Download it and you will see that there is definitely a Charlotte Gainsbourg before - and after Beck. This collaboration may be one of the greatest so far. Not saying the previous were not good, but it was not breaking the image of the little Charlotte we listened to in the early 80's when her dad produced her first album. With 5:55, she wanted to do something different, to grow away from her parents' legacy (Jane Birkin and Serge Gainsbourg). But let's be honest and if you listen to The Songs That We sing, we hear the whispering voice Jane Birkin also had when she was singing with Serge the Ballade de Melody Nelson. Beck manages to get her voice out for real on IRM and brings his universe to Charlotte's, which I think will give us a nice present for the beginning of next year. Beck dealt with almost every aspect of Charlotte's new album and got really inspired people say. That might be what one call a muse.

Charlotte Gainsbourg keeps surprising us and how hard she tries, she remains Serge's daughter and her education probably taught her never being afraid to try and to shock. Charlotte received the best actress prize at the Cannes Festival for her role in Antichrist, Von Trier's movie that made such a scandal. Just like her dad, Charlotte has a go at different things and so far she's been good at everything.

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