Monday, 25 February 2013

How lucky we are... be western girls, to have access to education, to have people in other countries that dream big, that are braving extremists for the sake of their daughters and their education.

A very moving speech (I think lots of girls in the West should listen to, instead of complaining about going to school)

Friday, 1 February 2013

Top 5

Just started a new playlist on Spotify from answers people gave me on a message I left on Facebook asking them to give me their Top 5 female singers.

So I compiled a song of each artist they gave me in a new playlist called Top 5

And I decided that we should not stop here, with the Top 5, so I will keep giving a theme for this top 5 every now and then and the playlist will grow.

So think about it and until next time, who would be your TOP 5 of deceased musicians/singers?

Tell me in the comment section below and let's see what will come up :)

By the way, mine would be :

Elliot Smith
John Lennon
Freddie Mercury

Thursday, 17 January 2013

Jane's daughters

How proud can Jane Birkin be?
All of her 3 daughters are beautiful ladies who are really close to each other and they're all talented.

Kate Barry, her oldest, is a talented photographer whose work I love :

See her portfolio here 

Charlotte Gainsbourg is a famous actress and singer : 

but my favorite at the very moment is Lou Doillon with her first album. Here is the first song that was broadcast : 

Monday, 7 January 2013

Patrick Watson's new album

I was looking for something new to hear but I stumbled upon an article about Patrick Watson and I told myself I didn't need to look any further. Patrick Watson is a band I discovered in 2006 when a friend of mine went travelling in Australia for a year and I promised her to send a new tune on a regular basis. The Great Escape was a title I believed was for her. In 2009 ( I can't believe it's been 3 years already), I got lucky and Patrick Watson came to Strasbourg for a gig in a very tiny venue.
(see my article here)

Their 4th album came out in April 2012 and it is called "Adventures in your own backyard" which is an idea I love. As the song (called the same) tells us : "Didn't need to go so far, to find what you were thirsty for". I still find their music magical, still get enchanted by Patrick's voice, and still loving the instrumental part.

Enjoy this title :

or/and if you'd like to see more, watch an entire gig here! 

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Fresh start for Spritz : Week-ed 2013#01

Long time ago since I posted the last music bit here. I'm back to listening to music with my headphones on, believing it's only me and the music.

Let's start with a new series of Week-ed - music tips I used to send by emails to some people that asked me to quite a long time ago. Week-ed is back online for everyone that would fancy it.
It'll be once a week don't search for more ;)

Week-ed 2013#01

An acoustic version of Evening Hymns – Arrows recorded in a bathroom in Strasbourg, France.

Loving the combo of the two voices, having a soft spot for the lady's voice.

Saturday, 4 February 2012

Better at home listening to music than out in the cold

Andrew Bird – Eyeoneye

We are freezing in our homes, in our cars, on the street, everywhere. But when I saw those poor people that probably bought their ticket some weeks ago to go to Mallorca in February thinking they would enjoy some warmth there while we are copping with winter...they were on the beach, feet in...the snow.
But I heard from a friend that we should go to Greece, they still have 16°C. I'm just dreaming of a nice 0.

Sunday, 29 January 2012

Gig of the month : January and Bukowski

:) Yeah a smile. This is what you can see on my face since the other night. I discovered Bukowski a few years ago and listened to it since then. Then was expected the new album for a long time. It finally came out, a bit different from the first one but still very good. Now I just needed to see the guys perform live.

This is what we did the other night. We had our tickets since September and could not wait anymore. One regret only though is that they were just the warm-up band for Lofofora, whose music is not really my cup of tea. When we arrived the room was almost empty and we could not believe it. Their music is really good especially for a french band so why weren't they more people there?!?

They arrived 5 minutes later on stage and I just wished they would sing 2 songs :
 Bukowski – Mysanthropia
Bukowski – Slugs and Bats

Which they did :)
The bass player is a nut job which made the whole thing even better. The guy was screaming, joking with the audience and even jumped in the crowd at the end and we all believed he would fall because the last three ladies who were at the end were so tiny and weak...but he finally made it :) The singer and guitar player is way more quiet but I assume it is not easy to find your place when your brother is such a crazy boy :) With such a voice we were expecting a very charismatic guy but he is very humble and shy, so it was quite surprising.

My fave member of the band is the drummer and I was so disappointed not to catch his sticks :/ But well things turned out great as Adrien managed to talk to the guys and to get us a signed poster :

Yes Adrien is a real groupie. Funny for a boy I thought :)
If everything goes well I should go and see them in Nantes again in about a month. Awe-some!